Top 5 Physical Therapy Assistant Schools Online

by | Aug 17, 2016

The physical therapy field is growing, offering steady employment with excellent pay and benefits. For those who already have jobs or are at home caring for families, physical therapy assistant schools online offer a viable alternative.

Choosing the right school makes a difference. A quick Google search yields pages and pages of online schools claiming to be the best.

While you can earn a degree at just about any of them, finding a quality school means a better education which increases your chance of finding work in the field. Reputation matters, and so does support. These are things to keep in mind when choosing physical therapy assistant schools online.

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The Best Physical Therapy Assistant Schools Online

The following are the top physical therapy schools in the USA. These schools offer the best programs available to become a successful physical therapy assistant.

Gateway Community College - One of the best physical therapy assistant schools online.

  1. Gateway Community College

Gateway Community College is located in Phoenix, Arizona and offers distance courses for those interested in the physical therapy program. The school provides an accredited program of study and maintains a high reputation.


  1. Jefferson State Community College

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Jefferson State Community College offers online classes for physical therapy assistant programs.

Online colleges for PT in USA. San Jose

  1. San Juan College

This reputable school offers an excellent online program. San Juan College is located in Farmington, New Mexico.

Clark State is one of the top online physical therapy classes in the USA

  1. Clark State Community College

Located in Springfield, Ohio, Clark State offers a program with online learning as well as on-site courses.


  1. Whatcom Community College

Located in Bellingham, Washington, Whatcom offers an award-winning Physical therapy assistant program for online students.

Starting Your Career Begins with Finding the Right School

Reputation is a big consideration when choosing a physical therapy assistant school online. When a prospective employer is reviewing your resume, they will be looking at your education, especially if this is your first job. They may research your school to ensure that you have received your degree through a reputable source. Saving some money by going with a lesser-known institution is not a good idea for this reason. Good clinical experience matters, so you’ll want to choose an institution that has a comprehensive in-person clinical facility.

What Top PT Online Schools Have in Common

In addition to providing quality programs and having an impeccable reputation, top physical therapy schools provide top-notch support for their students. This means easily accessible course materials, teachers who are responsive and available, and tools to help you move forward in your studies.


Some online schools are more focused on collecting tuition than the success of their students. These schools don’t provide the level of support you need. You may find that you aren’t able to communicate with teachers, or that you don’t have proper clarification around subject matter. Not only are these situations frustrating, they also result in a substandard education. Physical therapy assistant schools online should provide the same level of quality education that in-person schools offer.

The best physical therapy assistant schools online combine teachers who aren’t overworked and have time to respond to students, state-of-the-art learning materials, and offer job placement assistance. They also provide internships at top facilities.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing from Top Physical Therapy Schools

It’s important to note that many schools claim to offer physical therapy assistant programs, when they only provide programs for physical therapy aides. You’ll also want to ensure that any school you attend offers an accredited program – not all do. Look for programs that are a part of the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

Class size still matters. Physical classes are often overcrowded these days, and online classes even more so. You’ll want to be sure your instructors will have time to answer questions, and that your class offers a forum for students to share information and offer feedback. A well put-together online course offers just as much value as an in-person course.

When looking for physical therapy assistant schools online, it’s important to keep in mind that you will need to attend some in-person clinical training in order to complete your degree. With this in mind, location is important. You will likely need to put in some hours at a physical location to meet course requirements. In-person clinical training may not be the same thing as an internship. Internships can often be done closer to home, but you will still need to visit your school site for instruction. With that said, most of your education will be done online, allowing you to take courses according to your work or family schedule.