Front Closure Bras for Shoulder Pain

Being able to put on a bra with ease is definitely the sort of daily task you don’t think much about until you are forced to. However, those with shoulder pain or recovering from shoulder surgery will be quick to tell you that this one of the significant daily challenges they are faced with – it is a logistical nightmare. But over the years there has been a huge shift in product development to include comprehensive options of front closure bras for shoulder pain.

Bra options for shoulder mobility issues 

A significant reduction in shoulder mobility will result in the inability to reach behind your back to do up the hook and eye clasps on a bra. 

There are a few different bra options for women recovering from shoulder pain: 

  • Front Closure bras
  • Crop tops
  • Camisoles with built in support

Crop tops will inherently be low support options, generally only suitable for small busts. And they need to be stretchy enough to be able to “step in to”. This stretchiness isn’t usually conducive to strong support. 

Camisoles with a built in shelf for support are much like crop tops mentioned above. If you are recovering from shoulder pain or shoulder surgery they will need to be stretchy or loose enough for you to step in to, which will again result in a low support option. 

What do normal bras have hook and eye clasps?

Most bras are designed with the hook and eye clasp for a very important reason. Those hooks aren’t just there to drive you crazy. A traditional bra has three sets of eye clasps to allow for stretch in the garment. The general idea is that you buy a bra that is snug on the tightest hook and then as the bra gives or stretches you can tighten the bra by adjusting to the next set of eye clasps. 

It turns out that the part of the bra that sits around your ribs is actually responsible for supporting the bust. So it’s important to have this fitted nice and snug. This is why those three hook and eye setting exist. 

Features of a front closure bra for shoulder pain

Finding your best bra for shoulder pain isn’t always easy as most retailers don’t stock many options. So it’s important to know what to look for in a front closure bra if you are buying online. 

  1. The shoulder straps should be wide, ideally 1” or wider. This helps to disperse pressure across the shoulder.
  2. The band that sits around the ribcage should fit snug. We don’t want this to shift against you as you move during the day. 
  3. Ideally there is some adjustability in the strap length and the ribcage band to allow for stretch over time
  4. You should feel strapped in but still comfortable. Your bra for should pain does not need to fit like a compression garment. 
  5. You can give or take underwire. The underwire is not actually there to create a lift, but more to separate. It can be harder to find a perfectly fitted underwire front closure bra so it’s often best to go with wireless for this style of bra. 

Do front closure bras come in all sizes?

Certainly, these days you can find front closure bras for shoulder pain in most sizes. I review front closure bras up to a N cup on my blog – you don’t have to look too far to find options ranging between an American size 30 – 52 and A – H cup. 

Got clients who need bras for shoulder pain?  

I shoulder pain is plaguing a client remember that it’s not just the pain that will be causing them grief. It’s the hundreds of seemingly small daily challenges they are faced with because of their mobility and pain issues that will end up driving them crazy. Like putting on a bra for instance! 

Nowadays there is no reason for women to go unsupported, or to opt out of exercise due to the fact they can’t get a bra on. There are hundreds of front closure bras on the market to help ease this daily burden for shoulder pain sufferers. Most women just don’t know these bras exist, as a Physical Therapist you are the perfect person to inform them of these options. 

Author Profile: 

Pat is a passionate and experienced Bra Fitter having spent 10+ years in the changed room. Drawn to the always popular Front Closure Bra ( category in lingerie retail, Pat is now a dedicated expert in this field. When she isn’t hands on bra fitting or blogging she spends her time between Yoga classes and hiking.