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21 of the Best Physical Therapy Student Blogs

In order to better prepare for the difficulties of PT prerequisite courses and graduate school, reading a physical therapy student blog can provide insight into new practices, tips for studying, the best schools for physical therapy, and anything else one might need to know when getting into the PT field. Based on quality content, consistent posting and information, here are 21 of the best physical therapy student blogs and PT professional blogs on the internet, in no particular order. 1. The PT Student The PT Student is a physical therapy student blog that offers tips and tricks for studying,...

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What Are Normal Physical Therapist Working Hours?

The medical field is a demanding one. Just to get there you have to commit yourself to years of schooling, an internship and in the case of doctors, a residency. If you have chosen the path of physical therapy, fortunately you don’t have to go through as much as other medical professionals to get where you want to be. Investigating the best schools for physical therapy will give you a better idea of what is involved in getting a degree. Another issue that medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and radiologists contend with is scheduling. Most doctors and nurses...

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What is the Average Age of Physical Therapy Students? (Infographic)

Are you thinking about a career in physical therapy? If so, you probably have a lot of questions. Is now a good time to get into the field? What are the best schools for physical therapy? What is the average age of physical therapy students? Is it too late/too early to get into this field? Some people know what they want to do for a living before they graduate high school, but that isn’t always the case. Some people don’t know what direction they want to take for five, ten or more years. Waiting until later on to pursue...

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Should I Be a Physical Therapist? Pros and Cons

Whether you are just getting ready for your first year of college, or are thinking about switching careers or going back to school, choosing a path can be overwhelming. So should I be a Physical Therapist? Should I be a doctor? Or a nurse? Or a radiologist? These are all potentially great careers, but which one is right for you? Most medical careers require a huge investment of time and money, so it’s important to think things through before you jump in. If you are considering a career as a physical therapist, you should learn as much as you can before you...

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How Much Does Physical Therapy School Cost?

If you have decided to pursue physical therapy as a career, you probably have a lot of questions. One of those questions should be how much does physical therapy school cost? School is expensive, and you need to fully understand the long term burden that your education will put on you financially. The Cost of a Physical Therapy Degree The answer to the question: How much does physical therapy school cost depends a bit on the school you choose to attend. The best schools for physical therapy may cost a little more, but the extra expense is worth it for a...

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