The Goal…

The PT Guide was started with one simple idea. We wanted to help people make informed decisions about their health. Providing well-researched information that readers could trust and recommend to friends and family.

Where It Started…

In 2014… a couple of friends who were all physios, came together to create a list of what was working for their athletes including products, exercises and

This list grew very large in a short space of time and it was decided to put the findings online to make it accessible to everyone. We all made some very interesting findings.

The team at ‘The PT Blog’ created this website to help physios and the general public make an informed decision on which products to us.

With everyone being at different stages of their journey, we provide personal insight into the physical therapy system and industry.

We continue to update the website regularly with new, fresh content and welcome any questions or opinions on all articles.

If you are an educator or student and would like to share your experience with physical therapy school. Please contact via email on our contact page.

We hope you enjoy all the resources on the physical therapy blog.

The PT Blog Team